about lauren

Lauren has always been connected to her abilities and had an awareness of what exists ‘beyond the veil.’ As many of us know, we often experience things in life that cause us to suppress or fear our own intuition and gifts. One of Lauren’s earliest childhood memories involves being taken to an ophthalmologist after incessantly talking about seeing orbs in the air (communicated in the words of a four-year-old, of course). Lauren also struggled with a paralyzing fear surrounding night-time and sleep since she was a baby. After devoting years to her spiritual practice and healing, as an adult, she has come to learn that the fear she experienced was related to astral travel at night, often to unpleasant lower dimensional realms. Trying to make sense of all this as a child and young adult was like fitting a square peg in a round hole; essentially, it was a futile endeavor! 

In an attempt to gain a better understanding of herself and the world, Lauren studied literature, philosophy, and the arts in college. She had a strong inner desire to help others and became a certified personal trainer while in school.

Lauren was a successful health and nutrition coach for many years until eventually pursuing higher education to become an attorney and fulfill her dreams of changing the criminal justice system.  

During law school, Lauren took every opportunity to learn how the criminal justice system functioned and gained as much experience as possible through her courses and internships. She volunteered for GLAD, worked with an organization called the Innocence Project, and was appointed a student-attorney position in her final year. This gave her the opportunity to work daily with indigent defendants and help them navigate their legal battles. Collectively, the stories of these people were truly heartbreaking and left Lauren feeling powerless and resentful towards the system. 

She realized that the pervasive issues within the criminal justice system and society as a whole extend far beyond the system itself. They are merely symptoms reflecting the state of our collective consciousness. Upon coming to this realization, Lauren felt that working within the confines of a broken system was just another way of 'trying to fit a square peg in a round hole' and was inspired to take a different approach. 

After years of working with people in a multitude of capacities and developing her own abilities through meditation, writing, plant medicine and tarot, Lauren has decided to share her experiences and insight with others. Lauren’s intention is to provide the support and guidance she never had during her own journey, whether that be reaching someone through a blog post, a YouTube video, or a one-on-one session.

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