What is an 'Energy Vampire'?

Updated: Oct 31

The term ‘energy vampire,’ also known as psychic vampire, has become a popular phrase lately... and for good cause. Toxic people (although sometimes well-intentioned) are prevalent in today’s society; these are the people who leave you feeling depleted after being around them. Psychic vampires can be anyone: family members, friends and co-workers. Psychic vampires deplete us of our prana life-force energy and cause us to feel generally imbalanced on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

Psychic vampires live their life in victim mentality, believing that everything happens ‘to’ them. From this disempowered perspective, they seek out other people’s energy to try to soothe their pain and emptiness.

It is a common misconception that a psychic vampire literally 'steals' energy from others; this is not the case. Just as with all things in this universe, you must be a vibrational match to anything that enters your energetic sphere and has influence over you. Unfortunately, this means that you If you are feeling drained by another person, you are allowing this to happen. It is similar to the relationship dynamic between a co-dependant and a narcissist; they attract each other and are opposite sides of the same coin. They feed into and off of each other's weaknesses and although this will leave them feeling drained, it is due to their own respective pathology and engagement with the other, not directly caused by the other person 'taking' their energy.

What are the traits of a psychic vampire?

– victim mentality

– in need of constant reassurance

– never satisfied

– inability to be alone//feels lonely

– seeks nurturing

– overly dramatic//picks fights

– no accountability for their problems

– cannot take advice

– trust issues//paranoid

– always seeking a rescuer

– extremist

– vindictive

– manipulative

– lacks motivation towards self-improvement and self-awareness

How do I know if I am enmeshed with a psychic vampire?

– loss of energy

– muscle tension

– headaches

– chronic fatigue

– sleep disturbances

– irritability

– depression//anxiety

– physical illness

– mental confusion

These can also be caused by many other things, so do not automatically assume that if you have a few symptoms from this list that you are dealing with an energy vampire. How do I protect myself from this?

The most important way to 'protect' yourself from psychic vampires is to raise your vibrational frequency so that your energy no longer resonates with that of a psychic vampire. Do not think about this in terms of 'protection,' rather, consider your role in drawing them in. This will always come down to being out of alignment in some way. Look at your own co-dependent tendencies, toxic habits and patterns. As you work through your 'shadows,' you will come back into your authenticity and will no longer need to worry about attracting psychic vampires or 'protecting' yourself from them.